The main idea behind JR Consulting is to get under the hood of a company to make it more lean and agile, so their customers may in turn experience an overall better product or service.

It’s not a branding facelift, but a serious changeover of the inner workings of a company, implementing a Lean Six Sigma process improvement, while taking special care to grow its employees’ relationships, by empowering them with the ownership of the decision process.

It makes a lot of sense, your employees make hundreds of decisions a day, it begs that management provide the support and guidance, so they may make the right decisions.

But, not all companies are ready to embrace the second leg of employee empowerment. If you feel your company has matured and its leadership is bold enough to support the transformation commitment, then I’m a good fit.

From a different perspective, by implementing a lean operation, a company provides a better value to its customers, and by improving its organizational culture, it assures the sustainability of the first objective while growing its network of customers.

…more on using scorecards to align your company?

Paulina and Joe

Paulina and Joe at daughter Franchesca's graduation

In brief, I’ve been managing projects most of my life, from small internal company projects, to large new plant setups, in Puerto Rico, the US, and Latin America.

Along the way, I’ve learned that the most important thing is to have your project’s stakeholders buy into a (jointly) set of goals. At the end of the day, your stakeholders need to be empowered into an effective decision making group with a sense of ownership and self-accountability.

In order to do so, you must build their trust.

You gain their trust by evidencing that you know what you’re doing, but mostly, because you treat them with respect.

Don’t we all work better that way?
Did I mention that happier groups are more productive?

Nowadays, not only are changes accelerating, but competition is tougher because it’s global. With this in mind, I’ll be mostly writing about how to position ourselves to weather this storm.

As I see it, individuals and companies need to dedicate more effort in improving their internal and customer work relationships, projecting a solid brand, and having a clear view of their opportunities.

I’m also a lucky guy. I have a beautiful family, a loving wife, two girls and two boys. We all live in sunny and friendly Puerto Rico.

Oh, I almost forgot. You’ll find me playing soccer twice a week.

For more details of my experience view my profile in linkedin.

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