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A RAMP to your client's Trust

RAMP is a very powerful acronym. It is a great way to visualize the essential steps that we must take to sell our services. It also implicitly conveys the notion that the development of trust is the most vital element of the process, and that it must be advanced in small steps at a time. […]

Finding opportunities

I found this video, a continuation of Paul Orfelea’s presentation, very interesting. If you remember anything from Orfelea’s presentation, it should be that we are surrounded by success. Orfelea’s advice: look for a line of people and make the numbers. You could be looking at a great opportunity. Well, in that venue. Here you have […]

Orfelea: Success is all around us

Paul Orfelea at Stanford Graduate School of Business Paul Orfelea, the founder of Kinko’s, had some interesting things to say. This is more or less what he said. “My mother didn’t care about my grades. She taught me to care about learning. Look at places where people are standing in line. How much money are […]