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How I meditate

I thought it would be helpful to tell my little beginner’s story in meditation. Although we’re all familiar with the term, few seem to really know how to verbalize what it’s all about. For one reason or another, and for a long time, I could never find a good reason to meditate. None of the […]

Clear your mind

We already know how important it is to quiet our minds. It allows us to be, to be aware, or not to lose ourselves in our thoughts. In this post we’ll see how meditation can further help us to dramatically improve our learning ability. In a Stanford University experiment with a group of four year […]


We left the previous post with (my interpretation of) Jon Kabat-Sinn’s charged view of meditation: Meditation requires that we open our­selves, let­ting go of our lives. Like a war­rior, we should be on guard to act upon the signs pre­sented to each of us, swiftly and decisively. Which would imply a pro­found act of trust, […]


Its been a fascinating few days. I’ve been touched by what I’ve learned to the point I believe I’ve changed my way of being. I loved Jon Kabat-Sinn’s mindfulness video. I have to admit that I had never been able to meditate, nor understood meditation. I’m not sure I wholly comprehend the concept now, but, […]