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We left the previous post with (my interpretation of) Jon Kabat-Sinn’s charged view of meditation: Meditation requires that we open our­selves, let­ting go of our lives. Like a war­rior, we should be on guard to act upon the signs pre­sented to each of us, swiftly and decisively. Which would imply a pro­found act of trust, […]

How to be happy

In my previous post, Don’t worry be happy, I promised to show a few exercises to help you rewire your brain to jump-start your day. First, I would like you to perform a quick exercise. Close your eyes and think about the color red for 10 seconds. Then, open your eyes. This simple exercise emphasizes […]

Telling it like it is

We’re all sick! Worst, the afflicted are numb to the symptoms. After 10 years of research, Brené Brown has found that hiding our shame is a widespread malady in our society. Its symptoms may include obesity, high credit card debt, addiction, and even… violence. The constant bombardment of messages has set us up to some […]