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A high ground position commands Trust: 2 true ways to climb to the top

Have you noticed how easy it is for some guys to influence others? Why are people so willing to give them a red carpet treatment? Could it be that it’s simply because they have built a solid reputation for themselves? It’s obvious that a high ground position commands an advantage: trust.

The referral

I think the referral is a killer approach for any cold call. It’s most useful when you don’t know your client that much, or don’t know if your offer will make any sense to his operation. For example, when looking for a job, it’s much easier and more productive to ask your contacts to review […]

If you care, you listen

I stumbled into this Gary Vaynerchuk presentation — a friend of mine had it under his tumbler. It’s a pivotal presentation. It changes all you knew about how to market your products. I used to think Twitter was a waste of time, and… I still think it is, for a bunch of people. What these […]

Baby steps in Trust building

I am surprised at the utter importance of taking baby steps to foster relationships. It keeps coming up. My first encounter with the concept was probably in the form of a well known Chinese proverb that says: “To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time…” We’ve already gained […]

Viralizing your ideas

When trying to communicate an idea there is a stealthy nagging problem. It’s called the curse of knowledge. Well, it is if your trying to communicate a message that you’re too familiar with, to an audience that doesn’t have a clue. As you prepare your lecture, you can never play the part of the listener, […]

What makes your client prefer your services?

Since my Building Trust post, I have felt uneasy about having over-lectured on trust, but, having neglected to stress why it’s so important. No handshake? No lunch? Trust is more necessary than ever because most of the communication between two parties is held sitting in front of machines. The normal conversation cues are missing, or […]

A RAMP to your client's Trust

RAMP is a very powerful acronym. It is a great way to visualize the essential steps that we must take to sell our services. It also implicitly conveys the notion that the development of trust is the most vital element of the process, and that it must be advanced in small steps at a time. […]

Asking: Networking's Main Ingredient

It should be no surprise. It’s vital for all of us to hone our asking abilities. We constantly need to ask our network for help, for all sorts of information and referrals. Let me tell you my little summer story. To this day, I still feel envy and awe at one of my friend’s bold […]

What is personal branding?

Business Tips via Mixergy, home of the ambitious upstart! Andrew Warner brings us this fantastic interview with Sasha Strauss. Sasha teaches a graduate course on branding at USC, and consults innovation companies and individuals on how to position themselves. In this entertaining interview, Sasha explains personal branding and describes the steps to create your own. […]