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How to improve your blogging

In this Mashable post I found very good tips to develop your blogging. It’s a good one, that’s why it’s here. I didn’t want you to miss it.

Disruptive thinking: Optimism in action

Disruptive thinking is what we should be doing at the top of our game, when we’re full of energy and optimism. It’s a unique way to analyze your possibilities. It opens you’re thinking to create new possibilities (products or product lines) —quite fascinating. Unfortunately, there are many people who are unwittingly immersed in emotional spaces […]

Enthusiasm materializes your opportunities

Heidegger, one of the brightest philosophers of all times, and a loathsome fervent Nazi head authority, —which shows us “how reality surpasses fiction”—, reminds us that one of our salient traits as human beings is that we are constantly concerned and live within an unrealized future. I strongly suggest you follow this link to watch […]