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Don’t worry, be happy

This is huge! Have you ever felt stressed out, that your nerves were getting the best of you, on your way to an important appointment or presentation? Well, this post will show you the best scientifically proven edge in life I have ever experienced. No kidding. Let’s start from the beginning, or learning how our […]

The 20 seconds away productivity tool

I found this great productivity tip that will blow your mind away. If it doesn’t, well… it should. We all seem to be more distracted nowadays, which we know has to do with all the gadgets technology has to offer. Starting with TV shows, emails, texting, etc. Shawn Achor discovered this principle when he was […]

Telling it like it is

We’re all sick! Worst, the afflicted are numb to the symptoms. After 10 years of research, Brené Brown has found that hiding our shame is a widespread malady in our society. Its symptoms may include obesity, high credit card debt, addiction, and even… violence. The constant bombardment of messages has set us up to some […]

Viralizing your ideas

When trying to communicate an idea there is a stealthy nagging problem. It’s called the curse of knowledge. Well, it is if your trying to communicate a message that you’re too familiar with, to an audience that doesn’t have a clue. As you prepare your lecture, you can never play the part of the listener, […]

Know your personality

The ancient aphorism know thyself probably predates the Greeks, but nowadays, seems to be more relevant than ever. If we anticipate a continued acceleration in changes and globalized competition, it’s obvious that we have to prepare ourselves like world class athletes to thrive under these circumstances. A good starting point is to get a crystal […]

Courage lights the way

We sure don’t live in a perfect world. Of course, there are problems, and hypocrisy seems to be a prevalent one. I realized this more than ever the other day while visiting Penelope Trunk’s blog on a recommendation from Michelle Barry Franco. Penelope is quite a character. Her posts are brilliant, and also fun to […]