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What makes your client prefer your services?

Since my Building Trust post, I have felt uneasy about having over-lectured on trust, but, having neglected to stress why it’s so important. No handshake? No lunch? Trust is more necessary than ever because most of the communication between two parties is held sitting in front of machines. The normal conversation cues are missing, or […]

Trust building

We seldom pay too much attention to trust. It seems to be a dormant issue most of the time. Yet, we fail to realize that “low morale” within an organization is often a direct consequence of a dysfunctional lack of trust among its own, which can have a devastating effect on any group of people. […]

A RAMP to your client's Trust

RAMP is a very powerful acronym. It is a great way to visualize the essential steps that we must take to sell our services. It also implicitly conveys the notion that the development of trust is the most vital element of the process, and that it must be advanced in small steps at a time. […]